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Search FAQ:

Q. How does this search engine work?
A. It looks for all space-separated words, regardless of their order. Commonly used words, such as "and", "or", and "not", cannot be used to build complex searches.

Q. Can I search for exact phrases?
A. Yes. By enclosing the phrase in quotation marks, you find those words in that particular order.

Q. Can I use partial words in my search?
A. No, you cannot search for partial words, but you can skip common word endings, such as s, es, and ing to increase possible matches.

Q. Can I use non-alphanumeric characters in my search?
A. All non-alphanumeric characters (%, #, &, etc.) are ignored except for those enclosed in quotation marks.

Q. Does capitalization matter?
A. Yes. When you use lower case text, the search engine finds both upper and lower case results. When you use all upper case text, and words with the fist letter capitalized, the search engine finds only upper case words.