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Soft Luxury Bathroom Carpet Swatch

Soft Luxury Bathroom Carpet Swatch
Brand Name: Concord/Aldon Industries, Inc.
Item#/SKU: 1586SWATCH
“Soft Luxury” is a 30 oz. heavyweight textured continuous filament polyester pile bathroom carpet. Machine washable. Can also withstand wet or steam cleanings. 30 oz. "basket weave" non-skid “Dura –Bak” backing. The carpet is 6 feet wide. Available in the following colors: American Beauty, Buff, Burgundy, and Onyx. The swatch will be approximately 1" x 2".
Our minimum order is usually $7.99. If your order total for this item is less than $7.99, order 2 or more of the same color to get over $9.99 order total. We will ship you one of each color you order and only charge your credit card (or paypal account) for what we ship.

Item#/SKU Color QTY Unit Price
1586SWATCH $ 1.99