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Colour-in Durable White Paper Poster Tablecloth by Eggnogg

Colour-in Durable White Paper Poster Tablecloth by Eggnogg
Brand Name: Eggnogg
Item#/SKU: 17101
Eggnogg Colour-in poster tablecloths are a fun coloring-in activity for all ages and occasions. Packed full of quirky characters, interesting animals and iconic objects. They’re perfect for children’s parties, party favors, gifts, restaurant visits, weddings, holidays, stocking stuffers, rainy days and playtime. The Colour-in poster tablecloths bring a little calm into the day and the perfect antidote to all that screen time. The poster tablecloths are white, measure 37.5” x 50” and are made from special durable, FSC accredited paper. They are versatile and can work as a poster, tablecloth, play mat and wrapping paper. Suitable for colored pencils, crayons, pastels, chalk, paints and felt tips. They are designed and printed in the UK. These tablecloths are not appropriate for children under the age of 3. Available themes are: USA, Amazing Animals, Dinosaur, Puzzle-Time, Knights and Maidens, Party-Time, Countryside, Seaside, Teatime and Christmas.

Select QTY SKU Item Unit Price
17101210USA  USA $9.99
17101210ANIMALS  Amazing Animals $15.99
17101210DINOSAUR  Dinosaur $15.99
17101210PUZZLE  Puzzle-Time $15.99
17101210KNIGHTS  Knights And Maidens $15.99
17101210PARTY  Party-Time $15.99
17101210COUNTRYSIDE  Countryside $15.99
17101210SEASIDE  Seaside $15.99
17101210TEATIME  Teatime $15.99
17101210CHIRSTMAS  Christmas $15.99
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