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Opal Innocence Bath Ensemble by Lenox

Opal Innocence Bath Ensemble by Lenox
Brand Name: Lenox
Item#/SKU: 1578
With enameled pearl-like dots, an opalescent background, and the innocence of bone china, the Opal Innocence Bath Ensemble from Lenox is a romantic pattern of understated elegance. Each piece is banded in platinum and decorated with a flowing, white-on-white vine design peppered with enamel dots.Porcelain pieces include Tumbler, Soap Dish, Lotion Dispenser, Tissue Cover, Towel Tray, sculpted shower curtain hooks, and Wastebasket. Detailed embroidered towels with textured cuffs are soft to the touch and extra absorbent are 70% low twist cotton/30% bamboo. Woven jacquard shower curtain is cotton/polyester fabric for maximum durability and easy care. Sculpted oval tufted rug is 60% low twist cotton/40% bamboo. All pieces are white.

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