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Oh Happy Day Frogs Bath Ensemble

Oh Happy Day Frogs Bath Ensemble
Brand Name: Saturday Knight, Ltd.
Item#/SKU: 1580
Debbie Mumm, known for her beautiful craft designs has brought her artistry to a new level with the “Oh Happy Day Frogs” bath ensemble. The pastel colored resin pieces, featuring frogs, flowers and butterflies in a raised design which will add a charming and whimsical feel to your bath. The towels have appliques and whip stitched borders. The ensemble is made up of the following: bath towel, hand towel, finger-tip towel, shower curtain (70”x72”), shower curtain hooks, butterfly shaped toothbrush holder, tumbler, soap dish, lotion pump and rug.

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158058  Wastebasket $22.99
158010  Bath Towel $12.99
158015  Finger-Tip Towel $6.99
158057  Tumbler $12.99
158056  Toothbrush Holder $12.99
158053  Lotion Pump $14.99