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Galaxy Heavywt Vinyl Table Cloth by Fairfax Collection special colors

Galaxy Heavywt Vinyl Table Cloth by Fairfax Collection special colors
Brand Name: Fairfax Collection
Item#/SKU: 1727SPC
This extra long lasting, 6 mil, solid color,vinyl tablecloth is perfect for your heavy use tablecloth needs. The Galaxy Heavyweight Vinyl Table Cloth by Fairfax Collection is twice as heavy as most vinyl tablecloths. Quality flannel backing. These vinyl tablecloths are have durable sewn edges. Easy care. Just wipe clean. All colors are solid except Rust and Camel which have a light pattern for visual texture. Available in the following sizes: 42 square, 52 square, 52x70 (oblong and oval), 52x90 (oblong and oval), 52x108 (oblong and oval), 52x120, 52x144, 52x180, 60x86, 60x108, 60, 70, 90 round, and 36, 42, 48, 54, 60, and 70 umbrella round. Umbrella round tablecloths have zipper and umbrella hole. The larger round tablecloths may have a seam.

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Standard Sizes/Colors
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Specialty Sizes
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This item is a special order and may not be returned.

You must order a minimum of 6 pieces of a size and color.
Please specify color: Burnt Orange, Grey, White, Hunter, Terra, Banana, Purple, Black, Ruby, Royal, Burgundy, Stone, Mint, Lavender, Sand, Navy, Sea Foam, Yellow, Buff, Teal, Sky, Ivory, Rust, and Camel.

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List Price: $20.00
Starting at: $10.99
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Select QTY SKU Item Please enter color choice below: Unit Price
1727SPC4242  42"x42" Square $12.99
1727SPC5252  52"x52" Square $15.99
1727SPC5270OB  52"x70" Oblong $19.99
1727SPC5270OV  52"x70" Oval $19.99
1727SPC5290OB  52"x90" Oblong $25.99
1727SPC5290OV  52"x90" Oval $25.99
1727SPC5208OB  52"x108" Oblong $29.99
1727SPC5208OV  52"x108" Oval $29.99
1727SPC52120  52"x120" Oblong $33.99
1727SPC5244  52"x144" Oblong $37.99
1727SPC5280  52"x180" Oblong $45.99
1727SPC6086  60"x86" Oblong $29.99
1727SPC6008  60"x108" Oblong $37.99
1727SPC60120  60"X120" Oblong/Rectangle $47.99
1727SPC60130  60"X130" Oblong/Rectangle $48.99
1727SPC60154  60"X154" Oblong/Rectangle $53.99
1727SPC48RD  48" Round $19.99
1727SPC60RD  60" Round $25.99
1727SPC70RD  70" Round $30.99
1727SPC78RD  78" Round $34.99
1727SPC90RD  90" Round $51.99
1727SPC108RD  108" Round $67.99
1727SPC120RD  120" Round $116.99
1727SPC36UMBE  36" Umbrella round with elastic $15.99
1727SPC42UMBE  42" Umbrella round with elastic $16.99
1727SPC48UMBE  48" Umbrella round with elastic $17.99
1727SPC54UMBE  54" Umbrella round with elastic $20.99
1727SPC60UMBE  60" Umbrella round with elastic $27.99
1727SPC70UMBE  70" Umbrella round with elastic $31.99
1727SPC36UMB  36" Umbrella round without elastic $12.99
1727SPC42UMB  42" Umbrella round without elastic $13.99
1727SPC48UMB  48" Umbrella round without elastic $14.99
1727SPC54UMB  54" Umbrella round without elastic $16.99
1727SPC60UMB  60" Umbrella round without elastic $24.99
1727SPC70UMB  70" Umbrella round without elastic $29.99
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