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Gourmet Club Anti-Slip Printed Rugs by Gourmet Club

Gourmet Club Anti-Slip Printed Rugs by Gourmet Club
Brand Name: Gourmet Club
Item#/SKU: 1860
Enjoy modern, lively, inspirational and classic designs of these Gourmet Club Anti-Slip Printed Rugs from Gourmet Club. Featuring different themes to fit any room in the house.

Apples features a modern and lively pattern sure to brighten any room. Colors include green, red and black on a white background with matching red trim. A green cross hatch design frames the top and bottom while iconic apples seem to dash through the center.

Hope Faith Dream brings inspiration to cushion your daily chores. The peaceful themed floor mat features soothing greens and browns finished with a green trim. The design features a lone tree encouraged by the words of inspiration surrounding it.

Birds is a beautiful way to celebrate the spring and summer months. Birds, branches and flowers adorn this mat in vibrant blues, greens and yellows on a white background with blue trim.

Latte Espresso floor mat features maroon, black and beige surrounded by a black trim. A steaming cup of espresso is the focal point up against checkered backgrounds. Scattered throughout the backdrop are various coffee expressions.

Rooster is a classic and a favorite floor mat. The neutral style is at home with almost any décor. Black, red and gray are used on an off-white background surrounded by black trim. The rooster is presented with twirls of gray floral and framed with plaid-esque horizontal and vertical stripes.

Live Love Laugh brings inspiration to your daily life. This uplifting themed floor mat features different hues of green and creme with a splash of maroon, all surrounded by green trim.

Three Apples features different views of three apples in a bold look. There is a whole red apple, a green apple with a bite taken out and a cross section of a red apple with two green seeds, all on a white background with a red border.

The bottom of this 18x28 inch floor mat features a rubber layer for skid resistance. It is machine washable with a polyester top layer that makes for easy spot cleaning. Bring a new look into your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, craft room, sun room, laundry room, dorm, vacation home or RV.

Select QTY SKU Item Unit Price
1860179APPL  Apples Kitchen Rug $5.99
1860179HFD  Hope Faith Dream Kitchen Rug $5.99
1860179BRD  Birds Kitchen Rug $5.99
1860179LATESP  Latte Espresso Kitchen Rug $5.99
1860179RSTR  Rooster Kitchen Rug $5.99
1860179LLL  Live Laugh Love Kitchen Rug $5.99
1860179THREEAPPL  Three Apples Kitchen Rug $5.99
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