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Standard Size Soft Padded Toilet Seat by Ginsey Home Solutions

Standard Size Soft Padded Toilet Seat by Ginsey Home Solutions
Brand Name: Ginsey Home Solutions
Item#/SKU: 15150
Vinyl is easy to care for. Aside from being attractive, padded seats from Ginsey do something else. They offer the ultimate in comfort. Firm, yet cushiony softness welcomes your backside every time you seat yourself. This is the ultimate in home and bathroom comfort. Why sit on a hard seat? If you've decided that you're going to add some decorator softness to your bathroom, don't forget the Ginsey padded seat. Coordinate the color or pattern with your towels and other bathroom accessories to create a designer look. You can really make your bathroom décor pop when you add a decorator padded toilet seat. And the best part is that you'll be adding true comfort to your bathroom experience, because when it comes to comfort, Ginsey padded toilet seats are the ultimate! Easy to install with durable hinges, nuts and bolts included. Fits all standard size fixtures. Easy to clean with soap and water. Please specify color: Black, Champagne, White, Tea Rose, Smoke Blue, Merlot Red, Empire Green, Dark Chocolate, Mineral Blue, Silver or Slate Blue

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