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Harmony Plaid Blue Flannel Backed Indoor Outdoor Table Linens

Harmony Plaid Blue Flannel Backed Indoor Outdoor Table Linens
Brand Name: Everyday Luxuries
Item#/SKU: 17100
Harmony Plaid Blue Flannel Backed Indoor Outdoor Table Linens feature hues of yellow, green and blue that will protect and dress up any table. The tablecloth is 3.6 gauge with quality flannel backing for extra durability, weight and slip resistance to help keep the tablecloth in place. The vinyl surface makes clean up a snap and keeps your table protected from everyday spills and accidents. Perfect for indoor and outdoor dining. Great for picnics, gatherings, parties, occasions and everyday meals. For best results, use a mild soap solution with a damp cloth or sponge on vinyl surface of tablecloth. Do not iron. A large selection of sizes is available for all your entertaining needs. Finish dressing your table with matching placemats.

Tablecloth sizes:
- 52x52 square. Seats 4. (132 x 132cm)
- 52x70 oblong/rectangle. Seats 4-6. (132 x 178cm)
- 52x70 oval. Seats 4-6. (132 x 178cm)
- 52x90 oblong/rectangle
- 60x84 oblong/rectangle. Seats 6-8. (152 x 213cm)
- 60x84 oval. Seats 6-8. (152 x 213cm)
- 60x102 oblong/rectangle. Seats 8-10. (152 x 259cm)
- 60x120 oblong/rectangle. Seats 10-12. (152 x 305 cm)
- 60x144 oblong/rectangle. Seats 12. (152 x 365cm)
- 60 round. Seats 4. (152cm)
- 70 round. Seats 6-8. (178cm)
- 90 round. Seats 8-10. (229cm)
- 60x84 Umbrella Hole and Zipper oblong/rectangle. Seats 6-8. (152 x 213cm)
- 70 round Umbrella Hole and Zipper. Seats 6-8. (178cm)
- Place Mats - 4 Pack. (17.9in x 12in x 0.3in)

Select QTY SKU Item Unit Price
1710085AZ  52"x52" Square $7.49
1710086OBAZ  52"x70" $8.99
17100144AZ  52"x70" Oval $8.99
17100152AZ  52"x90" $10.99
1710087OBAZ  60"x84" $11.99
1710087OVAZ  60"x84" Oval $11.99
1710089OBAZ  60"x102" $13.99
1710090AZ  60"x120" $15.99
1710091AZ  60"x144" Oblong $20.99
17100134AZ  60" Round $9.99
1710092AZ  70" Round $11.99
17100148AZ  90" Round $20.99
17100172AZ  60"x84" Umbrella Hole and Zipper $18.99
17100171AZ  70 Round Umbrella Hole and Zipper $18.99
171001354PAZ  Place Mats - 4 Pack - Blue $7.99
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